1 1 HMGT 372 Video Script – Part 1 Hello, everyone. This

HMGT 372
Video Script – Part 1
Hello, everyone. This is David Taylor from UMUC’s Effective Writing Center. And it’s my real pleasure to review with you today the assignment directions for your final project in this course. After that, we will see how those directions were carried out in a model paper
We hope by the end of this video you will know exactly how to organize your paper, format it and cite sources for this important assignment. Let’s get started!
First, let’s note that late papers will not be accepted, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to write and revise this project so that it is ready by the due date.
Here you see links to the two outside sources you’re to use when writing this paper. As the note indicates, these two articles, along with those in your classroom, are the only sources you need for this paper.
This final project is based primarily on the facts presented in this case scenario about a 72-year-old woman who is on life support in a permanent unconscious condition. Throughout your writing, you will need to refer accurately to the facts as stated in this scenario.
Now, the basic organization for this paper is simple. It should be divided into three main sections. Each section should be numbered and titled as follows:
1. Three Legal/Ethical Issues. In this section, you merely list three issues from the case scenario that you will discuss. For help in separating out the legal vs. ethical issues, be sure to look at the article “Criminal Ethics and Law.”
The next section is labeled:
2. Discussion of Three Legal/Ethical Issues. This section is further divided into subsections with these labels:
Discussion of Legal/Ethical Issue #1Discussion of Legal/Ethical Issue #2 andDiscussion of Legal/Ethical Issue #3
The purpose of the discussion in this section is to:
—Explain why each is a legal or an ethical issue—As you provide this explanation, you must keep the discussion within the context of the facts as presented in the scenario—And be sure to define technical terms like “living will” and others that you use
The third and final section’s label is:
3. How I Would Handle Each Issue
This part also has three sub-sections that must be labeled as follows:
Handling of Legal/Ethical Issue #1Handling of Legal/Ethical Issue #2Handling of Legal/Ethical Issue #3
The discussion in this section should be based on information from the second article, “A Framework for Ethical Decision Making.”
That’s the paper’s organization. In terms of formatting, your final paper should be 4-5 pages in length (not counting the cover page and references page), done with 12-point New Times Roman font. Papers with fewer than 4 pages will receive a deduction.
You’ll be using APA style for your in-text citations and reference citations, and be sure to turn in only word processed documents. PDFs are not allowed.
OK, let’s now apply these assignment directions to a model paper that has been provided for this video.