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Leadership And Technology
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A. Introduction
i. Technology has become an integral part of management because of the efficiency modern tools offer.
ii. The leadership style directly impacts the adoption of technology.
Thesis: Leadership and technology bear a reciprocating relationship, with leadership shaping the type of technologies adopted while technology enhances the efficiency with which leaders serve their company roles.
B. Literature Review
1. Leadership styles shape the organization’s ability and willingness to adopt the latest technologies.
i. Authoritarian leadership opposes change and would enforce a more stringent adaptation of the latest technologies (Kangeri, 2021).
ii. Democratic leaders are more likely to promote the adaptation of new technology (Kangeri, 2021).
iii. The leader’s vision of the organization will shape their choice of the technology that will be implemented (Maldonado  & Quintana, 2022).
2. Technology can influence the efficiency with which leaders govern the company.
i. Technology revolutionizes communication by offering more efficient and cheaper models of sharing information.
ii. Technology can be used to collect and analyze data necessary for supporting managerial decisions.
iii. Leaders trained in the latest technologies are more capable of maximizing the organization’s performance and keeping up with the latest market trends.
3. Technology shapes leadership structure and organizational culture
i. Technology can facilitate changes within an organization that would force a transformation in the leadership and operational strategies (Kaya & Gurhan, 2021).
ii. Technology offers multiple tools for developing leadership skills (Connally & Morris, 2019).
C. Recommendations
i. Technology is vital for organizational change because of its numerous tools that promote operational and decision-making efficiency.
ii. Technology is impacted by multiple factors, including leadership and organizational culture.
iii. Leaders must find optimal ways of getting the most from technology.
iv. There is a need to sustain the connection between leadership and technology.
D. Conclusion
i. Leadership directly impacts the adoption of the latest technology, while technology directly affects the efficiency with which the leaders perform their duties.
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