1 Assignment 3: Diversity and Ethics Cover Letter Charlesia Wright SOC 101

Assignment 3: Diversity and Ethics Cover Letter
Charlesia Wright
SOC 101
Professor Crane
August 17, 2021
Dr. Gabal
Director, Diversity and Ethics
Herringbone University
Dear Dr. Gabal:
I am writing in response to an opening on your Diversity and Ethics Committee. Please find my responses to the questions on the job ad below.
Describe how your background and unique perspectives would be a valuable addition to the team:
I am writing in responding to a vacancy on your Committee on Diversity and Ethics. My history provides me with the motivation, passion, and objectives I have today. When I was younger, my mother was trying her best, but her hardest wasn’t good enough because there wasn’t much improvement from just-food every day. I pledged that I would never experience it again, and when I started having a family, I never vowed to make them feel like I was a child since I will go beyond stability as a parent for my family. Through this experience, I have learned which steps come first in the process of building the future. Having worked on some organizations like this she decides in my hometown, I have learned skills like listening, open conversations and providing timely feedback for ensuring equality and inclusivity. The diversity experiences from this organization helped me know that instead of getting into somebody else’s shoes, maybe we need to comprehend and explain how we came to stand in our shoes first.
Give an example of a time when you intentionally looked at other diverse and ethical perspectives in order to make a better/more ethical decision:
Money management is a fundamental topic of business ethics. There have once been complaints within our welfare organization about money handling, which has gotten chaotic among members. All our members come from different ethnic groups; thus, no one could understand each other on the cool ground. While everyone is mistaken, there are ways to assess if trustees make ethical decisions about handling money. One scenario I thought about was a cashier who hurries out after a client who had forgotten his change. Another example I considered was a waitress who doubles the name of the credit card and confirms it before handing the account or card back to the restaurant. I thought computerized cash flow recording could assist solve these problems because everyone can observe all transactions and raise concerns on time since one can interpret from their language.
In one paragraph, answer questions based on the scenario below:
Scenario: In the graduate program at Herringbone University, students are allowed only one missed class per semester or they face academic discipline. Three female students have approached you as the diversity and ethics officer with a concern about the policy. They explain that they all have young children (as do many students in the program) and getting child care during class times is difficult since some of the classes don’t end until 8 in the evening. They feel the policy is unfair—especially since the university doesn’t offer any support, leniency in policy, or childcare options. In addition, the location of the university (an upper middle class neighborhood where most children have at least one parent at home) is not where most students live (a neighborhood where most children have two working parents or a single working parent).
How would you approach this issue using diverse and ethical perspectives? Use specific examples from the scenario and your personal and professional life.
Why is it important to consider diverse and ethical perspectives in this situation?
How would you raise awareness and communicate the importance to others at your school in your role on the diversity and ethics committee?
From the scenario, since the consequences are already together, I will view this matter by saying every person must be treated with dignity and respect. Thus, when one’s duty arrives, one has to finish it first and focus on another. At school, diversity is much big in terms of social status, the conduct of behaviors, value of education, and priorities. Operations decision-making always focuses on benefiting the majority who adheres to the loop of instructions. When variety is in place, it develops stronger communications teams. I will use social media and serve as a role model for colleagues to increase awareness and express significance to others at our institution. I can establish a safe and friendly school community for everybody by spreading the word about these ideas. It helps build better communication and understanding skills between you, your director , and employees. I will have meetings. I will hang posters around the building daily. Not only that, I will do surveys randomly. I will invite different speakers to speak to the community weekly.
Thank you for taking the time to review my résumé. I look forward to talking with you.
Charlesia Wright