1.Each essay should be a minimum of five paragraphs and 500 words,

1.Each essay should be a minimum of five paragraphs and 500 words, but be sure to thoroughly address the prompt and provide specific examples. For example, you may discuss the historical context generally, but you must provide clear examples from the lecture and the reading.
Treat your response as an essay. Remember to include a thesis with specific examples to prove your claim. Good responses will include the following characteristics:
A thesis statement that clearly expresses your position.
Consistent commentary on the significance of your examples in proving your claim and situating your arguments within the context of this course.
A satisfying conclusion. This is not a mere summary of your points.
Discuss the changes in race relations between Reconstruction and the end of the First World War. What changes were implemented during Reconstruction? How did those changes unravel? How did the life of former slaves differ from Reconstruction to the implementation of the Jim Crow Laws? Make sure to include immigrants in your discussion.
2.Pick 3 of these 10 terms and define them in 30-50 word answers for each term. Number each of your answers from 1-3. Each term you define is worth five points. Your task is to define the terms with context, meaning an explanation that provides the significance of the term to US history. Your answer should be written in your own words, and not be taken directly from the PowerPoint or reading.
Terms: 1. Suffragette, 2. Red Summer, 3. Manhattan Project, 4. Containment, 5. Executive Order 9066, 6. Iron Curtain, 7. Committee for Public Information, 8. D-Day, 9. Muckraker, 10. Plessy v Ferguson