1 Lai Think Before Commenting In this Internet age, we have many

Think Before Commenting
In this Internet age, we have many different social software for us to choose from. Currently the social software used all over the world is Facebook, users of all ages, but my favorite social software is Instagram. I think its design is much simpler than Facebook, but the age of users is very young. No matter which social software it is on, I found that many comments have many similarities. Men’s and women’s comments and treatment on the Internet are very different.
When I first came into contact with the Internet, it happened to be when Facebook appeared. In the process of growing up, I have seen many different social software events. At that time, I saw many different strangers interacting online. This is in real life. This is a rare thing, because the online world is not shy, and I have time to think about whether my ideas are appropriate before texting. I have seen an infidelity, a married male celebrity having a relationship with a female celebrity. But in the online world, many people are criticizing that woman, but is this done by one person? Why are only women being abused and not even working? Nothing happened to the male star, he can still work, he posted sorry on the Internet, and then nothing happened. With a family, he should learn to avoid and reject such things from happening. Although it is wrong to criticize on the Internet, many celebrities now commit suicide because they cannot bear the comments on the Internet. Why do they need to be criticized? These remarks are like a knife. Those people are killers, but those people made those vicious remarks without even thinking about it.
Many boys have been bullied online when they were in school, but why is this happening? In many cases, because there is no support from family members, it is useless to cry to parents because boys can’t be so weak and cowardly. Injury is easy, but I think it is to encourage children. Even if he doesn’t have to show up for him, he can face difficulties because the trust given by his family can change a lot. Many people shared their stories on the Internet. What impressed me the most was the story shared by a Youtube creator. When he was in school, he was ridiculed for singing videos. There are many criticisms and comments on the Internet, but he has not been injured because of this, and now he is living a good life. You cannot commit suicide because of these things. Not only will you be fine with those who laugh, but also those who love you will be sad. He also shared some negative comments that may be suggestions, and we can accept and change them, because bystanders are very confused about the parties, and we can judge whether these comments are helpful to us.
When I was in school, I was bullied by classmates online. She insulted me and said a lot of untrue things because she didn’t know the truth, but I didn’t do bad things. Why do I need to explain to her? I still keep the photo she said on the Internet. She made me very unhappy at that time, because I like playing boy games, so I play with boys, so I bully me and call me a bitch. I don’t know how to socialize, so I don’t know how to talk to others. Male classmates came to me to play and asked if I wanted to play games together, so we started to play together. Therefore, in the online world, many people start to help fabricate stories and insult the parties when they see a trivial matter. There are also many people who think this is true and follow the insult to the parties, but we should all have the ability to judge and not spread rumors. But these things are not our business, why comment on others? Why do the parties need to explain to us?
In many cases, we do not need comments, we can give encouragement, can share beautiful things or those who need some substantive advice, that is meaningful comments. Encouragement can make the world a better place, and advice can make people change. We cannot just ignorantly say which is bad and which is bad, we can say that what we can do may be better. Which comments on the Internet do you think you least like or comments that impress you?