1. Read the introduction to biopolitics. This is a concept by Foucault,

1. Read the introduction to biopolitics. This is a concept by Foucault, but the definition is explained by someone else in short paper form. I put helpful/central passages in bold font. Look up words you don’t know and bring all your questions to class. When the text talks about ‘power,’ it means forms of governmental power or institutions (laws or rules in states, schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.). We will figure out the details together in class, but for your post formulate in your own words what biopolitics means, and describe it a bit more with the help of an example of your choice.
2. Read Kafka’s story. Apologies for the slightly longer text on a Thursday. Summarize the story briefly in your own words (answer the W-questions if you need a way to get started: Who? What? When? Where? Why?), then take a first stab at a (very brief) interpretation of the text: What do you think is it all about? Post all this here.