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Security Best Practices – Tip Sheet
[Author Name: Last, First]
Security Best Practices – Tip Sheet
There are many areas of our lives requiring extra security. Throughout the term, you’ll be creating your own Security Best Practices Tip Sheet.
For each week, you are to write 2 tips you learned from the reading material. Each tip should be 2 -3 sentences in length and should be different from others you’ve previously provided. Keep adding to your list throughout the term. At the end of the term, you’ll post your tips on the Security Best Practices Discussion Forum. Citations and references are not required.
Week 2.
Tip 1: update software best practice
Tip 2: online navigation best practice
Week 3
Tip 1: password tips and best practices
Tip 2: avoid social engineering attacks best practice
Week 4
Tip 1: Identity theft best practice
Tip 2: personal security best practice
Week 5
Tip 1: protect against malware best practices
Tip 2: identify malware best practices
Week 6
Tip 1: secure software best practices
Tip 2: create backups best practices
Week 7
Tip 1: protect against internet attacks
Tip 2: secure email account
Week 8
Tip 1: web browsing best practices
Tip 2: internal security best practices
Week 9
Tip 1: Secure wifi network
Tip 2: Best practice using public wifi
Week 10
Tip 1: mobile device best practices
Tip 2: security software mobile phone
Week 11
Tip 1: use cryptography tips
Tip 2: privacy best practices
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