(1) Select an organization (Baylor Scott & White Health) (2) Identify the

(1) Select an organization (Baylor Scott & White Health)
(2) Identify the organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
(3) After identifying the EVP – select a job within the organization (AVP-Care Management) and execute the following:a. Evaluate whether you think the EVP is effective. Use “How to Develop an Employer Value Proposition” as a guide.
A Positive employee value proposition differentiates you as an employee. An employer value proposition should capture the essence of what it is like to work for your company and appeal to prospective employees. Here are four steps in developing a positive employer value proposition:
Analyze the current perceptions of your target audience. Answering questions such as “Why should I want to work for us?” or “Why are we different or unique as a place we work?” can help you understand your strengths as an employer and identify the characteristics you want to play up in your brand. Because people often stay with an organization for the same reasons they joined it first, understanding why employees stay can also help an organization identify its competitive advantage as an employer.
Align your employer’s value proposition with your firm’s policies, practices, culture, and values. Use aspects of the corporation’s value, culture, and image to appeal to potential applicants and current employees.
Communicate your story clearly and consistently. Generate favorably publicity such as news stories about your organization featured in various media. Incorporate employer value proposition elements into the firm’s job advertisements and product packaging, and encourage employees to spread the brand via word of mouth. Consider sponsoring scholarships, events, or donating products or equipment to universities where you would like to portray a strong employer value proposition.
Measure and improve your employer’s value proposition effort by periodically repeating step 1 to see whether people’s perceptions of the company have changed. Establishing metrics upfront can help you assess whether your efforts are working.
Identify how you would market the organization and the job to job seekers, including a short (phrase to a sentence or two) recruitment message.
Identify where the organization is sourcing for current job seekers. If unable to determine, discuss where they would source job seekers. Do you have any other recommendations on where to source applicants?
What metrics would you recommend measuring the recruitment message’s efficacy?
Use five resources- Resources should stem from professional, e.g. Harvard Business Review, and scholarly sources e.g. Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, or Academy of Management Review