1 Self-Assessment: Who Are You? Watch the TEDx Talk: Why Some of

Self-Assessment: Who Are You?
Watch the TEDx Talk: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling.

Watch: Holland’s Personality Types
This video will help you understand Holland’s Personality Types. You may remember briefly seeing your “Holland Code” in the portfolio on FOCUS2 and 16Personalities. Consider checking back to your own Holland Code while you explore occupations.

Written Paper – Career Autobiography (50 points) In this first major writing assignment, you will write your Career Autobiography. In it, you will tell the story of the development of your beliefs about work, career, and yourself as a worker. For example, you will want to discuss the results of your FOCUS2 and 16Personalities assessments, the Family & Culture Discussion, and consider the reading and video content that stuck out to you. I am interested in hearing the synthesis of these activities rather than the individual results. That means I want to you tell me about the WHOLE rather than the parts.
Locate the “Career Autobiography Rubric” for specific instructions and formatting. Remember to use the classic paper structure: introduction, body, and conclusion.
Times New Roman font, black, 12 point double-spaced font size, and 1-inch margins
Length: 3-5 pages of written work not including a title page, or name/date/course
Everything is included below:
16Personality Assessments
Family & Culture Discussion
16Personality Assessment
Family & Culture Discussion
Based on the introversion-extroversion spectrum, I am an ambivert. As an ambivert, it is fie to hang out with people and engage in parties, but there are those times when I must do that only at a particular time. Additionally, I can easily engage in discussion and chat, but I cannot do that all day long; I limit it. There are those times I find pleasure in my solitude even though I enjoy frequent contact with the outside world. All these vary based on my mood, goals, the situation I find myself in, and the context of what I am doing. Based on that, I frequently shift from an introvert to an extrovert’s life, thus making me an ambivert.
My father always insisted on discipline, punctuality, and always respect of the chain of command. On the other hand, my mother was always about accuracy, smartness, and maintaining a high level of professionality. Even though their careers were different, they always expected to adopt some of those qualities in our lives. Due to that, I find myself always punctual, discipline, tidy and decent and constantly needing to remain professional, especially when at work or when handling any work-related activity. Further, I expect people always to have some of the latter mentioned qualities as we collaborate at work. Nonetheless, adopting those qualities has positively impacted my academic and professional life. At school, I was always punctual, tidy, and maintained a high level of professionalism. In the end, I got elected the class representative. Additionally, during work, all my supervisors liked me because I am always professional, respectful, punctual, and accurate in my assigned tasks. However, some of my peers find me uptight, thus influencing how I interact with them. In the beginning, I found it hard to work with messy people, less punctual team members, and those who were less keen on their work. Consequently, I argued more with them and continuously moved from group to group because I could not fit in among them. Nonetheless, I later learned how to interact with such people and bear with them as we collaborated.
Clearly and concisely answers the following questions in a narrative form:
Tell me about what you are majoring in and what lead you to choosing that major (include academic, social, family, and work experiences that influenced your choice of major.
Tell me how you plan to utilize your major in pursuing your chosen career, tell me a little bit about you dream job (what do you envision your professional future to be like).
Look at your FOCUS2 results. How did your Holland code, values, and skills relate to your chosen major/career?
How did you feel about the career suggestions from FOCUS2? Did you discover any new potential careers? Did your results align with what you want to do or were they unexpected?
What were your reactions as you were taking both assessments (FOCUS2 and 16Personalities)?
How accurate were these assessments as they pertain to your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and interests (FOCUS2 and 16Personalities)?
How have and how will these assessments be useful to you (as it pertains to this class, and your personal and professional development)? Have you learned something new about yourself from taking these assessments, if yes, what?
Discuss cultural and family messages that influenced your career decision making growing up. Expand on what you discussed in the discussion post in week 1, do not simply copy paste.
Reflect on the process of writing, practicing, and delivering your elevator pitch. Did you learn something new about yourself in this process, was it hard to talk about yourself in 30 seconds?
If relevant, include reflections on the content from each week. Did any messages stick out to you?
These questions should be used as a general guide in your writing process, please elaborate on them and feel free to add reflections that are not directly answering any of these questions.
Times New Roman font, black
12 point font size
Double spaced
1-inch margins
3-5 pages long
Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling.