1 What was the choice you had to make; and the final

1 What was the choice you had to make; and the final decision? 
2 Who was impacted by this decision?
4 What decision did you make?  Why?
5 Add a gif/meme/pic that best shows how you felt about this decision.
6 Looking back, would you make the same decision again, or would you choose a different path?
My experiences are full of transitions and changes, mainly due to my position as an immigrant. In 2014 I was deciding to stay in my hometown Brazil or move to the USA. My family and especially my mother were impacted by my decision and it was very hard because my dad had passed away 6 months before I decide to move to the U.S. I felt devastated in leaving my mom, family and friends. My mom was supportive and told me to follow my heart. During my journey in California, the stark differences in language, culture, and social makeup between the United States and my home country, Brazil, created a series of transitions that required me to adapt to the new environment Even though the first two years were difficult. Looking back, I would make the same decision again because it was an important transition that helped me to become independent, and attain financial stability and give support to my family.