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Week 3 Assessment
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Jack is a second-grade student who experiences difficulty reading and writing, which has been diagnosed and attributed to slower cognitive growth compared to his peers. His main weakness is reading oral work, which can be characterized by interchange in words and punctuating while reading, which would make his speech difficult to understand. The student also experiences difficulty reading numbers – especially numbers after 10.
Lessons And Progress
Enhancing Jack’s learning and comprehension of words can be cultivated through persistent repetition. As a result, this week’s training involved phonic and syllabic learning. This learning revolved around stringing several phrases and trying to have him say them. He faced a couple of issues trying to pronounce words while interchanging them. The main improvement that I noted over the end of the 3rd-week session was when he captured most words in a string or phrase and spoke them repeatedly. (even though incorrectly pronounced). For instance, in a sentence that contained 7 – 8 words, he would capture 90% of them, which is an improvement from the previous 2 to 4 before the sessions started. I would approach this improvement through positive reinforcement and made him know that he did well. The sessions also involved showing him colorful images and photos that showed emotion from the oral work. Using these images with the feelings in them would help him better comprehend the emotions in the phrases we were working on. Emphasis on these images helped him understand the emotions in the phrases he read and spoke about.
Jack showed overall enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Providing him with a solitary space to work on his learning has helped improve his concentration and focus. Focusing on the areas that require improvement while repeating the phonic and syllabic learning has helped generate further progress in his reading. Before incorporating punctuation into his reading, it is essential first to ensure that he can pronounce words correctly, string phrases together, and understand the context or emotion of the sentence. Considering positive reinforcement is also crucial for his improvement, as I noted. As a result, the coming weeks will involve close attention to any minor improvements that Jack makes. Any such improvements will be acknowledged, and I will let him know of this improvement to motivate his learning morale, will, and focus. Involving the parents in his learning is crucial as it would boost Jack’s confidence and will.