1st Discussion I am name from State. I am a Criminal Justice

1st Discussion
I am name from State. I am a Criminal Justice major. I have been married for wonderful years. I am retired. I spent the last few years working for the blank as an Independent Contractor doing special operations. After a few injuries, it was time to give it up and let my body and mind recover.
Natural sciences play a critical role in society. The advances in medicine, transportation, mobile communication, and technology have seen societies progress a great deal over the years. Efficient treatment methods have allowed people to heal from complicated diseases, while efficient transport systems such as planes have made globalization a reality. Although industrial development brought new challenges, there is a chance that advances in natural science can offer solutions to the challenges. Natural science drives human progress as it leads to developing a scientifically literate population that can cope with socio-economic and scientific problems (Freeman, 2019). With natural science knowledge, people will understand the natural world and how science can provide solutions. For instance, many people now believed in vaccination more than 50 years ago. The size of anti-vaxxers has shrunk over time.
Besides empowering the masses, natural sciences help people question and examine views and practices in society. In analyzing these views, they are better positioned to reject, revise or accept them. With the need to find and dissect facts, the general population can change their views about anything without feeling embarrassed. They are exposed to new information through questioning and critical examination of views (Freeman, 2019). For students who take natural science courses, natural science exposes them to processes of facts finding, enabling them to develop critical analytical skills that help solve complex.
Natural science will also help people understand the natural world. With natural science knowledge, people’s misconceptions about natural phenomena such as death or deadly storms will dissipate as they will know the nature of their occurrences. Enlightenment that comes with understanding natural sciences will help people calm even natural occurrences such as typhoons or floods.
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