2 1 Unit 1 Assessment- Defining Your Community Student’s name Herzing University

Unit 1 Assessment- Defining Your Community
Student’s name
Herzing University
NSG323-Community and Public Health Nursing
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Month-Day, 2022
Unit 1 Assessment- Defining Your Community
Write your INTRODUCTION paragraph here. Introduction paragraphs should speak to the contents and purpose of your paper. This is a great place to define what a community assessment is and what community you will be reviewing.
Importance of Community Assessment
In this section you will discuss why it is important to assess a community. You will analyze the importance of a community assessment. Refer to your reading and/or find scholarly journal articles to support this information. Be sure to cite where needed.
Define Your Community
In this section you will discuss the geographical location of your community. You will give an overview of structure of your community (large city, small city, rural). You will discuss the type of jobs held in your community.
Community Activities
In this section you will discuss what your community has to offer in terms of play/leisure activities. Does your community have walking/bike trails, city parks, city pool, sports programs for youth, activities for teenagers, events for the older population, what type of entertainment options are there, and the like. what makes it unique, a place you enjoy living? What draws people to your community? What are some of the limitations of your community that you have noticed? Are there things which can be improved? Make sure to speak to both the positives and negatives aspects noted in your assessment.
This should be a mini summary of what has been discussed in your paper, there should not be new information in your conclusion. If I were to read your conclusion by itself, I should know what your entire paper is about. Also make sure to wrap things up with a good closing statement.
You need to have at least 2 references listed.
For each reference listed you need to at least one in-text citation.
Review previous APA resources provided in this course.
Make sure you have a minimum of 3 pages (not including title and reference page).
Review Assignment Rubric- this is what we utilize for grading/scoring your assignments.