2 Canada’s Impact on Kenya’s Colonization Introduction This lecture has taught me

Canada’s Impact on Kenya’s Colonization
This lecture has taught me so much that I surely did not know or learned as a new Canadian citizen. In the book called “discover Canada” they have used that book to show how Canada has contributed to world to saving the world especially during the World War 1 and 2. Canada has always painted an amazing picture to the world of how awesome their history is. How they accept everyone because of their multicultural act, how they cherish and acknowledge the aboriginal people etc.
Canada has never shown the true side of their actions. From being racist and judgmental to their own people the first nations and others that they claim to protect under the multicultural act, the blacks, Jewish, Italians etc. Its sad that we are still facing this nonsense even today. We are in 2022 and there is basically no change of what they are expected to do as a government that governs this country. Prime Minister comes and goes and still no change, ridiculous. Today I will be discussing how Canada influence Kenya’s colonization and how bad it impacted that country in the late 1900s. First, I will start with Canada’s history of colonization and how the rules that governs this country has wrongfully impacted the people of this county, Then I will discuss Kenya’s colonization and finally, I will discuss Canada’s impact on Kenya’s colonization and how it has impacted the people of Kenya during that time.
Canada’s Colonization
To begin my argument, “Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot with all of us command, from far and wide we see the light, our true north strong and free” is the famous words or our national anthem. Our home and native land, these words were written to pay tribute to the aboriginal people of this country such as the Metis, Inuit, and First Nations. These words are offensive to the people that was first discovered on this land, the aboriginal people knowing the way they have been treated back then and is still being treated today like an outcast. Canada has not only treated their one people like crap but also people of another race colour and ethnicity such as black, jewish etc. I do believe that
Kenya’s Colonisation
Canada’s impact on Kenya’s Colonization
I really cant believe that’s what Canada did to Kenya after all they had been through with the genocide. Canada has just