3 1 1 Assignment 2- Select Artifacts Selecting the most appropriate artifacts

Assignment 2- Select Artifacts
Selecting the most appropriate artifacts to include in my ePotifolio may be tricky since they vary depending on the type of ePotifolio. In my case, I will be selecting artifacts that showcase my understanding and knowledge of my course materials. All my chosen artifacts come from the program’s concentration and core classes. The major topics for my artifacts are ethics, diversity, case studies, and human resource management transition.
The first artifact which I chose is the Supply Chain Management case study. This artifact is an excellent way of demonstrating an individual’s critical thinking. The case study forces individuals to list the encountered issues, explain different facts from the given scenario, point out the main problem question, list various solutions possible for the problem, and then force them to implement the selected solution (Dziubaniuk and Nyholm, 2020). A case study shows each individual’s ability to go from the start to the end of the situation. Additionally, it shows whether an individual can use pre-existing solutions instead of thinking outside the box (Dziubaniuk and Nyholm, 2020). Also, the case study relates to programs that demonstrate critical thinking skills, decision-making, and data interpretation to develop systematic approaches and processes in human capital management and the attainment of organizational effectiveness. I chose the case study artifact because it is more elaborate than the other artifacts, and it also provides the audience with new perspectives that they would not have thought of. Additionally, the case study is an excellent example of demonstrating thinking outside the box and critical thinking.
The second artifact that I selected relates to management ethics. This artifact is in relation to the program class objectives for examining communication, the significance of ethical conduct, corporate responsibility, and social responsibility within the global environment (Bardy, 2018). I chose this artifact because it provides top examples of unethical workplace decisions. This shows that I am aware of the decisions and also prepared to uphold the given starboard. The artifact discusses ethics across all organizational levels, regardless of the particular role taken within the organization. It also shows that I am familiar with the ethics within my working level and beyond my working level. The artifact also indicates that I am an employee who is motivated and who can advance, potentially to a higher leadership role.
I picked the third artifact related to human resource development, which primarily includes workplace diversity. Today, most organizations include a more significant push for workplace diversity. Inclusion and the knowledge of diversity are essential keys to the organization’s overall success (Kim et al., 2021). This artifact relates to the program’s concentration classes’ objective used for analyzing the effect of economic, legal, social, international, political, technological, and environmental issues related to the behavior in relation to the team, individual, and the general success for the organization. Diversity is a complex subject that may cause problems and raise issues for the organization (Kim et al., 2021). This artifact also digs deeper into the diverse workplace advantages and how an organization may benefit from them. I selected this artifact because it gives me the chance to include multimedia in my ePotifolio. It demonstrates my ability to develop a user-friendly PowerPoint with extensive instructor notes along its margins. I also selected it because it provides my diverse viewpoints.
The fourth artifact I chose relates to human resource management and discusses the various transitions in human resource management. This artifact discusses human resources history and career progression from the beginning. It is related to concentration classes’ objective programs of assessing the leading issues and trends in the human resource management field (Carnevale and Hatak, 2020). I chose this artifact mainly because it shows a complete career field understanding. The artifact demonstrates the progression of changes in becoming a better person and discusses the future changes that have the possibility of occurring. I also selected this article to show that I am willing to accept change and embrace it accordingly.
Initially, selecting the most appropriate artifact was a challenge. It compelled me to sort through most of my collected artifacts and create a list of artifacts that will best fit into my ePotifolio. I still need to go through all the selected artifacts to make sure they include all the gained knowledge.
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