3)Irwin and Cressey. 1962. Thieves, Convicts, and the Inmate Culture. Social Problems.

. Iwill grade each essay on a pass/fail basis. Here is what you need to do to earna passing grade on each essay:
        Writea minimum of 500 words.
.        NO PLAGIARISM (intentional or unintentional is careless) use paraphrazing
o  Ifyou write less than 500 words, you will automatically fail the essay.
o  500words is about the same as one single-spaced page of text, or two double-spacedpages of text.
o  Directquotations do not contributeto the word count.
        Eachessay should address all of the main points in the corresponding questionprompt.
        Youmust use in-text citations with corresponding page numbers.
o  Example: Harari (2015:3) argues that humans descend fromgreat apes.
  Author last name (Harari)
  Year of publication (publishedin 2015)
  Page number where the information comes from(page 3)

Completethis weeks readings in the following order. I encourage you to read one text,then answer the accompanying essay question before turning to the next reading.This read-write-read-write approach will make sure that the informationfrom each reading is fresh on your mind while you are writing.

  1)     Irwin and Cressey. 1962. Thieves, Convicts, and the Inmate Culture.Social Problems.

Essay Questions 
Essay # (Thieves, Convicts, and the InmateCode)
Part one:
What is the prison code? (This is alsoreferred to as the inmate code). According to the authors of this article,what is wrong with assuming that this code was developed inside of prison?
Part two:
Provide a detailed description of one of the following subcultures: (1)Thief; (2) Convict; (3) Legitimate or Square John. How do members of thatsubculture approach life in prison?