4 From Disease Prevention to Health Promotion Candice Johnson Trident University BHE310

From Disease Prevention to Health Promotion
Candice Johnson
Trident University
BHE310 Health Promotion Disease Prevention
Dr. Shannon Cox-Kelley
11 July 2021
From Disease Prevention to Health Promotion
Q1. Healthy people, 2030 is an initiative set up in August 2020 to control disease occurrence and promote health. The industry sets objectives that need to be achieved every decade. It helps create cross-cultural collaboration, and it allows members of the community to make informed medical decisions and measure the degree to which disease prevention has been achieved. The significant factors that healthy people 2030 covers are creating a new set of vision and mission, strategic plan, and course of action.
The Healthy People initiative is developed by analyzing various subject matters from other organizations, public members, and past initiatives. The industry has a framework that stems from the creation of new objectives. Healthy people, 2030 is supposed to provide a rationale for its approaches, effectively disseminate information on its principles, and place the initiative in half a decade history of Healthy People (CDC, 2016). The Healthy People 2030 initiative has a secretary’s advisory committee composed of several members of the community. The advisory assembly comprises the government, non-governmental and private health experts (Healthy People, 2020). It also conducts public meetings that are streamed on social media platforms. The committee members provide recommendations for the framework to be adopted, goals to set, required Leading Health Indicators (LHI), and the implementation criteria.
Q2. Healthy People 2030 can be obtained by subscribing to a Healthy People listserv podcast, and a Twitter handle called @GoHealthyPeople. These platforms provide recent occurrences and news on Healthy People 2030. Their meeting proceedings are also aired on platforms such as YouTube for public viewing.
Q3. Healthy people conducted a selection criterion for Leading Health Indicators to be incorporated into their initiative. Leading Health Indicators isolate high-priority health issues from the rest of the objectives and identify ways of addressing them. The LHIs will play a significant role in promoting collaboration across various sectors, encourage state participation and improve the health of the overall United States population.
The first leading health indicator I am going to discuss is child health. This indicator focuses on reducing infant mortality rates in the population. The indicator is stemmed from the framework of improving health across the lifespan and matters of mental health. Reduction of infant mortality is crucial because it promotes population growth. Another fundamental indicator is self-rated health. This indicator encircles the development of objectives to promote healthy living in the United States population (LHI, 2020). The final indicator of interest is a disability that aims at reducing the number of disabled individuals in the state. It targets individuals above 65 years of age because they are the significant contributors to the dependence ratio. The disability indicator also lies along with the framework for promoting the health and well-being of the whole population under physical health.
The Leading Health Indicator that concerns me the most is child health. Infant mortality has taken its toll in the United States, especially among teen mothers. Young girls who conceive do not have crucial information on pregnancy and childcare. Their bodies are not physiologically prepared for the process of child delivery. The goal of this indicator is to reduce infant mortality in the population. Children are the fundamental factor in population growth and sustenance. The framework developed for this indicator is the improvement of the population’s health status. It also covers mental health issues associated with infant mortality. Healthy People 2030 aims to cater to the physical and psychological well-being of individuals who are faced with infant loss.
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