5 Improvements around the house The first house improvement will be a

5 Improvements around the house
The first house improvement will be a portable air conditioner in my room. The summers in Seattle used to be cool, but the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter every year. During the winter, my apartment has one of the best heat insulations. However, the downside of a well-insulated room is that it will become extremely hot during the summer in my room. There are many ways to lower the temperature in my room during summer, but the most effective way to cool the room will be a portable air conditioner. I can enjoy the summer without worrying about the heat by installing a portable air conditioner in my home. An air conditioner will lower the room temperature during the summer and improve air ventilation. It is common for people to close their windows during the summer to avoid the heat outside. However, this is not good for air ventilation. An air conditioner can constantly blow fresh cool air into the room while extracting hot and dirty air from the room.
The second improvement to my house will be to have a dust extraction system. When school switched to online last year, I had to force myself to stay at home all day. As a result, I noticed that my room became dusty quickly, and usually, it only takes a few days for a layer of dust to accumulate on my table. Usually, I clean my room once a week, but as the school workload gets heavier than before, I can no longer keep up with it. I want to keep my room free of dust with the dust extraction system, so I do not have to remove dust as often as before. Also, cleaning the space is labor-intensive, and I usually feel exhausted after cleaning. Therefore, I want to be as relaxed as possible during the weekend rather than cleaning my room. A Dust extraction system in my room can mean that I can spend more time during the weekend on more productive stuff, such as reading books and doing research.
The third improvement to my house will be a bed that can be folded into a small sofa. The disadvantage of living in a small apartment is that I do not have much living space to utilize. I have a small apartment room, and I often find it filled with items that are difficult to organize. In addition, since my room is small, it is challenging to rearrange its layout. A foldable bed can solve the problem by freeing up as much space as possible during the day, and it can also make rearranging the room a lot easier than before. Additionally, I can use the foldable bed as a desk chair to study during the day so that I do not need to buy a chair dedicated for a table anymore.
After that, I would like to improve my house by installing a shoe rack that is embedded in the wall. I bought many shoes over a couple of years, and I found it hard to store them properly, especially in a small apartment. I used to have a shoe rack on the wall in my last apartment so that I could keep my shoes on the wall. However, my new apartment has no dedicated space for a shoe rack. As a result, many of my shoes are still wrapped in packaging since I last moved. The shoe rack embedded in the wall of my home will allow me to store my shoes in an organized fashion without worrying about space restrictions. Having a shoe rack embedded in the wall will also mean that I can switch between different shoes more frequently. My shoes do not need to be unwrapped and rewrapped each time I change.
The fifth improvement to my house will be a remote-controlled lamp that is operated with a voice command. The layout of my apartment limited the light switch placement, so I must walk all the way across the room to turn off the light most of the time. I want to improve my house by adding a voice-activated wireless lamp so that I can turn off the light in my room and still have a light source next to my bed. In addition, by using the voice-activated lamp, I will be able to see well at night if I want to visit the restroom. The lamp can navigate me to the light switch and safely turn on the light in my house. Furthermore, I can use the voice-activated lamp as a morning alarm so that it turns on the light automatically to wake me up.
I believe that all my improvements can turn into products with enough research and a good business plan. Most of my improvements are based on real-life experience, and most of them are not far from reality. For example, the dust extraction system is achievable in real life. Most companies have advanced HVAC in their building to keep the building dust-free. People can eventually implement the same type of technologies in houses worldwide.