6 Query Letter Dear Editor, I adore your travel magazine, where your

Query Letter
Dear Editor,
I adore your travel magazine, where your posts encourage me to try various travel destinations and challenge the aspect of writing essays about travel destinations. I recently completed my travel essay about my travel destination experience and read it in several interviews that love travel essays and received immensely positive feedback. The travel essay was about my experience in Bali destination and made it more interesting, giving details about the areas that are not discussed most. I learned that to see that you are still acquiring travel essays from various authors.
I am a regular contributor in the travel essay writing, but I can assure you that the travel essay that I wrote is more unique and descriptive about the place, including critical aspects that include the culture and culinary skills of the locals. The travel essay manuscript is stated below.
Bali Island has been my best travel destination, and I decided to partner with two friends and a brother for the 8-days trip package to Bali Island. The experience in Bali Island included the best white sand beaches, the culture of the people, water sports events, art, and their religion. The trip was amazing because we got to interact with the people during the kissing festival and when shopping, and their hospitality was amazing.
I have experience in essay writing for 2 years and have won some awards, especially in the non-fiction work. I have been writing more of my travel essay on freelance platforms and my blog. Thank you for taking your time reviewing my query
Yours sincerely,
Hanson Huang
Travel Essay
For years, Bali island has been my dream destination because of the marketing and expression of its beauty and serene for tourism. My friends expressed their feelings after visiting the island and argued that they felt the value for their money. My interest in visiting Bali Island developed, which contributed to my planning to visit the place a week ago. After stepping out of the plane, I was sweltering. When you’re in a warm environment, you may sense it right immediately. Anyway, I started strolling towards our bus, squeaking the front right wheel of my luggage trolley every time it made a full circle. On my way to the bus, a mysterious stranger appeared out of nowhere, snatched my bags, and shoved them into a little hatch under the vehicle. He had a really serious expression on his face. As soon as I had finished with him, I went on board the bus direct to my hotel, a kilometer from the airport. It was the time to relax as I prepared for the beautiful experience in Bali that I had waited for a long time. Luckily, I got an opportunity to visit the place with two of my friends and my younger brother, and the company was just amazing. The curiosity pushing for the experience in the target destination is just to prove the good things that were expressed about Bali. I learned that there are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, but Bali shines brightest as a tourist attraction and has become the best because millions of tourists visit the place each year. I support the aspect that Bali is the brightest because, on our first day, we decided to visit three of the other amazing islands, but Bali was unique in its way. The experience on Bali Island was amazing, especially the idyllic beaches that make it a tropical paradise.
There are various beaches that we enjoyed in the area, and what makes it the best include the fact that the sandy beaches are in an area that experiences a tropical climate that makes it warm. The view of the soft white sand and limestone cliffs to the extreme water sports and diving made the visit more captivating. I took the opportunity with my colleagues to engage in water sports and develop the best memories for the day. We also considered diving since the area was much favorable for the kind of activities. I learned that there was enough space and numerous beaches that made it possible to enjoy a beach with fewer people, and this was interesting that we were less than 20 people on our beach. The less-dense beaches make the best experience where you have the space to enjoy all kinds of fun without disturbances. My friends were sharing stories about how the experience is unique and would like to visit the area again in the future, and the funny thing is that we were only on our second day of the trip, and multiple experiences were still waiting for us. My brother was just amazed that we made the right choice of choosing the destination but jokingly, I told him, “we are just in the beginning, and more are to come.” The day was good, and we were so tired of all the activities and decided to go back to the hotel to freshen up.
However, the next day was more of a cultural experience. This is where we decided to focus on the cultural beauty of Bali by moving around the Bali area and towns, which is where we learned from the available structures. In addition, we visited the part of the island that still practices the traditional cultures, including the Balinese ceremonies that include the Omed-Omedan kissing festival that was ongoing in the area. We enjoyed the ceremony, and this is where we learned much about their existing festivals and ceremonies and other things about the unique and amazing people to understand. The other ceremonies that are conducted in the area include the Nyepi (day of silence). I love music, and my trip partners also have similar taste in music, and I can attest that the Bali music is amazing and this is where we danced during the night after the kissing festival and enjoyed the day that was full of culture and the amazing dances that we also learned. We also got the opportunity to learn about the Bali religious activities and got to know that they are predominantly Hindus, which is evident because of the presence of temples. We have a temple visit during the day for religious purposes and mainly for cultural insights and aesthetic pleasure. The Bali Island showed an amazing religious culture because of the nature of majestic sea temples overlooking the ocean to a soul-soothing temple complex on the mountain.
Bali Island is a land of adventure, and this was evident because of the multiple activities that can be conducted within the area. There are multiple surfing spots where we enjoyed the ride the waves, and this was a new experience though we were learning it for the first time. The other fun activities included jumping from the cliffs and sliding down a natural waterslide in a waterfall. The accommodation was an awesome experience because it matches the natural wonders of Bali, making it the best place to take a rest. The lavish resorts to affordable hotels made us choose the best and get an amazing experience. We booked a hotel that was much more affordable and served our needs since it was well-equipped and had the services that include swimming and infinity pools which are attractive on their own. Food is an aspect that cannot be neglected in a travel experience because a culture shock would happen even when it comes to the people’s choice of food in that area of visit. The experience in Bali was unique, and this was due to the best culinary skills of the people both in the hotels and also by the locals. Bali is an area that is rich and has fertile soil that supports agriculture, making the best for natural and traditional food. There was distinctive cuisine that carries a huge culture of the people, and we had to try them, and I was not disappointed that the food was good and sweet and there is a high chance that most tourists would like them. Moreover, the hotels and restaurants are also making an international menu that helped me also to get the best meal of interest because taking new food all through would not be interesting. Multiple restaurants were serving organic, vegan, and even raw food for different needs of the customers.
Additionally, I also experienced the artistic side of the Bali people, and they had good art that is sold in different locations for tourists to get what to buy. Interestingly, multiple people engaged in the art business along the island, and they were doing god because they were getting many sales through the skills. I get the opportunity also to purchase one of the best pieces of art from the region where my friends decided to purchase unique art that was much expensive since they are also good at art and understand the best art. We are also looking for high-end designer clothes from stylish boutiques during the shopping period. This is where we resulted in extra clothes that demanded an extra suitcase to take them home. During the shopping, the session was when we got the best opportunity to interact with the people in the locality who had a warm reception and hospitality. The love of the people of Bali is genuine, and their conversation with tourists and each other is friendlier, which made me feel at home.
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