After all presentations and reflection papers, students will create a strategic plan

After all presentations and reflection papers, students will create a strategic plan of their professional, personal or organizational issue that was identified in the week one lesson. This plan will consist of a synthesis of the key points and takeaways presented from the course material. Use the following points as a framework to think about and prepare your strategic plan:
Determine where you are and where you are going. This includes statement of the problem and gaining clarity of purpose. What is your destination?
Identify what is important. This includes values and actions that are in the best interest of the organization. What do you stand for? What does your organization stand for? These key elements will define the mission and vision.
Clearly define what you must achieve. What are the performance objectives? This answers the question of “What does success look like?”
Analysis – What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your opportunities and threats posed by implementing this plan? Can you anticipate any collateral damage?
Implementation – How do you motivate subordinates? (think Hearts and Minds/ the Rider and the Elephant) Who is accountable for what? Is it a team effort or an individual effort? Keep it simple. What is a fair timeline? Are there different short-term action items vs. long-term action items?
Review and Measure – Does the form of the plan follow the function it is intended to achieve? Were there any key metrics or performance indicators you were tracking progress with? How can you tell if the process working in alignment with the organizational goals you outlined?
Adapt – Remember, if the plan does not yield the intended results, you must adapt. There is no shame in failure and failure is not defeat. If something doesn’t work, then scrap it and start over if needed. Remember, your destination does not change but the manner in which you arrive there may have to change.
Some Personal Examples
Theme: Physical Health
Objective: Weight loss
Initiative: Exercise More
Initiative: Eat Fewer Calories
Measures: Pounds, Running Time, Exercise frequency
Time Horizon:
Start: August, 2021
Finish: December, 2021
Theme: Mental Health
Objective: Manage Anxiety
Initiative: Lower Stress
Initiative: Trigger avoidance
Measures: Therapy, Stress Mitigation techniques (Relaxation, Yoga, Exercise, Mindfulness)
Time Horizon:
Start: August 21, 2021
Finish: August 28, 2021
Theme: Spiritual Health
Objective: Improve personal relationship with Christ
Initiative: scripture reading
Initiative: sermon listening
Initiative: church attendance
Measures: Bible app, podcasts, frequency of physical visits, online bible studies, friend/small group interactions, etc.
Time Horizon:
Start: August, 2021
Finish: December, 2021