Ahmad, Eric Bearheart seems familiar in terms of someone who didn’t possess

Eric Bearheart seems familiar in terms of someone who didn’t possess ‘social skills’ at an early age – finding themselves in a solitary life.
His last sentence is particularly affecting.
This seems to be a man who craves companionship but knows that it’s important to be selective — but how do we gain the ability to be selective?
By experience obviously – and that’s what he’s lacking.
Someone could def. talk advantage of his inexperience.
I don’t think he’s gullible – necessarily – although romantically, prob. – because he has experienced grief and being orphaned and having to find a way to survive – and maybe thrive – but perhaps he simply needs to be taken out for a test drive.
I wonder what he really wants — and if it is connected to scientific accomplishments or actually something completely unexpected.
What is his greatest fear?
And do you take him to this in your script?
Now I know more about the protagonist’s backstory and how they are alone in the world I think you need to show his desperation.
He really has been mono-focused and believing that if he poured himself into his studies then he’d come up on top.
He didn’t have any mentors it seems …
and I can imagine that maybe at Elon Musk’s Lab they laugh at his ‘gauche-ness’ – but his Native American tick box gets him an interview – as ‘courtesy’.
What if he were actually laughed at, and maybe ridiculed by the tech bros – and this inspires him more to ‘stick it to ’em’?
Becoming a librarian is suitably Luddite – but intriguing as he might meet like-minded people there.
Infact may be it’s an older librarian who leads him into time travel ….
and of course, the older librarian is a woman.
And maybe she knows about these ‘other places’ — we wonder how?
What if she were from ‘somewhere else’??
She could both inspire him and also awaken something else – he’s never felt – because he’s been so busy with his studies.
You have about 12-15 scenes in the first act – so you have time to develop r/ships and also where is the Antagonist?
I also think the building of the time machine – unless magic is involved – will take time.
And it seems to go v. smoothly – is this credible?
Will the whole of the second act be spent in the ‘Special World- or will you be intercutting?
You might need some scenes on earth with the people he left behind.
Second act is 30 scenes – and they are all about conflict.
I get his ultimate dilemma – because it’s about the price he pays for being human.
Does he return and ‘spread the news’?
Or does he say and allow himself to live a fulfilling emotional life?