American History–Confederate States of America

When the southern states seceded to form the Confederate States of America, a constitution was drafted by which the new government and nation would function. As you view these documents consider the similarities and the weaknesses of the Confederate Constitution. “Constitution of the Confederate States of America 1861″ (Links to an external site.) “Articles of Confederation 1781″ (Links to an external site.) “United States Constitution 1787″ (Links to an external site.) Most historians concur that the Confederate Constitution is based upon the U.S. Constitution. What does the Confederate Constitution have in common with the Articles of Confederation? Are these similarities consistent with states rights supremacy espoused by the South and if so how? How did the weaknesses of the Confederate Constitution factor into the defeat of the South? Cite specific passages from the document in a comparative manner to the U.S. Constitution and examples from the class lecture. *****CHOOSE ONLY ONE QUESTION***** Type in the question you are answering above your response, clearly state your position and 2-3 of the main points you intend to discuss in the first paragraph. In the following paragraphs cite facts from the documents to support your position and explain how/why these facts support your position. Reference the documents and the text if applicable within your essay in parenthesis after the passage it references. The last paragraph, your conclusion, should sum up your main points/facts and explain how/why they support your position. The length requirement is 1 to 1 1/2 pages single-spaced. View the Document Analysis rubric to see how this assignment is graded.