Analyzing Global Healthcare Policy

Option #1: Analyzing Global Healthcare Policy
For the wrap-up of this course, it is time to weave together all the knowledge that you have gained. The goal of this project is to integrate what you have learned throughout the course into an interconnected exploration of a specific healthcare policy.
For the Portfolio Project, you will complete a two-part assignment (further explained below). Pretend that you are making an appearance before a community group that is having a policy explained to them for the first time. Imagine that the group has no knowledge of what happens behind the scenes to create and implement a healthcare policy. You will not actually be required to present this to a group, but prepare the project so that it would be acceptable for an audience of that nature.
The two documents are as follows:

A mind map (use the  tool) depicting the essential points and sub-points of your topic. Note: Think of the mind map as a visual outline of your responses to the questions listed below.
A narrative explanation that covers the rationale, research, and processes involved in creating this healthcare policy. The narrative essay should serve as the commentary to accompany the mind map if it were being presented to the group mentioned above. Your narrative explanation should be 5-6 pages in length (not including your title and reference pages or the appendix).

In this Portfolio Project, you will analyze a global healthcare policy. Select a specific global healthcare policy to review. Provide information related to the following points:

Explain the initial introduction process of the original policy. Who developed it and/or sponsored it?
Assess the research that was conducted and/or analyzed to determine the need for the policy. Why is this policy needed?
Does this policy address any specific known disparities?
Evaluate the impact, or intended impact, of the policy. Please consider the viewpoints of multiple stakeholders (citizens, providers, government agencies, etc.), including any possible financial impact.

Note: After you have completed the mind map, take a screenshot and insert the image into an appendix. The appendix should be the last page of your document.

Your submission should be 5-6-pages in length (not including title page, reference page, or the mind map appendix) and conform to APA guidelines in the . You must include a minimum of 8 credible, academic or professional references (at least 5 of which must be scholarly/peer-reviewed), including the text and/or course articles if used in your final project. You may wish to review the  for help formatting your submission according to the requirements. If you need assistance with your writing style or you need writing tips or tutorials, visit the . Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.