Anthropology Question

Article evaluation assignment: Leonard, Benjamin 2022 (Jan/Feb). “At Face Value” Archaeology, pp. 36-41. Article Evaluation assignments. Your essay should be a critical review (ca. 750-1000words) of the article.Questions to consider: What is the primary argument or thesis of the article? What is the author’s (or authors’) approach to understanding ancient art and/or archaeology? How does this article relate to class discussion and/or other course materials? Did you find the main argument convincing? Why or why not? o Does the author make a clear distinction between what has been found and what the author believes must have existed, but hasn’t found? o Does the author make it easy for you to distinguish between data, descriptions of data, and interpretations of data? o Do you detect any biases and/or stereotypes? Support your points by citing specific examples in the article. Complete references are essential. For assistance, please consult the How to cite your sources document which is really important for grading . Your critical review should be concise and direct. You may write in 1st person or 3rd person, whichever you prefer