argumentative(persuasive) essay

For this assignment, begin by choosing a debatable topic that you are passionate about. The topic must be one that has facts and can be researched, and it must have multiple possible viewpoints. This is not an opinion essay based solely on personal preference – you cannot, for example, write about your love for dogs. Instead, a good topic might be your passion for rescuing dogs from shelters rather than purchasing from a breeder. This topic is debatable, has conflicting opinions, and can be argued with evidence.

The topic itself can be anything you would like to write about, as long as it is appropriate for an argumentative essay – refer to your textbook reading for this week to help guide you in topic choice and understand what a debatable topic is. You can also access the . If you have any questions about what an appropriate topic might be, email your instructor for guidance.

After choosing your topic, compose a brief 1-2 page (one full page minimum) position essay where you take a stand on your topic, and present an argument–based on pathos–that your position is the right one. You may be able to use logos or even ethos, depending on the topic, but you should not use research for this assignment or cite sources. Choose a topic that you already have knowledge of and feelings for.

In drafting your essay, consider the following: 

Audience: Who is your audience? What do they already know about your topic? What do they need to know? What are their biases and assumptions? In this case, assume your audience holds the opposing view to your own.

Tone: What kind of language is appropriate for your audience and topic? 

Purpose:  What is your thesis? This must be clearly established early in the essay. What is the point that you are arguing? What reasons come to mind when you think of your position? What judgment are you making? 

Support: What evidence will you use?

Position Paper Requirements

1-2 page position essay on a debatable topic, based on pathos. You may write more, but you may not write less than one full page.

APA-format for the essay and an APA-formatted title page. Refer to library APA resources.

No research used or sources cited. Use a topic you are already familiar with and have passion for.

Solid thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion – basic essay structure used.

Appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Third person point of view used.