Assignment 2: Canada’s landslides Across Canada’s provinces and territories, landslides in British

Assignment 2: Canada’s landslides
Across Canada’s provinces and territories, landslides in British Columbia and Quebec are responsible for the most landslide fatalities. In this assignment, you will explore two landslide events in Eastern and Western Canada, and a third event of your choice. The questions you must answer are below (bottom of page). The learning objectives are:
to research, identify, and present important information on landslide events.
to learn the science behind these landslides; and
to learn the mitigation strategies associated with landslides to prevent future landslides.
December 9, 2021 at 11:59PM EST (1 minute before midnight).
Each question should be answered in a separate paragraph. Do not answer two questions in one paragraph. See the “Assignment 2 Answer Template.doc” for reference.
The assignment will focus on the following events:
2010 Saint-Jude Quebec landslide (Saint-Jude)
2005 North Vancouver landslide (North Vancouver)
An event of your choice.
Your assignment should answer the following questions:
Describe the Saint-Jude Quebec and North Vancouver landslides. (6 pts)
Hint: As a minimum, you should include the date, time, number of deaths, number of injuries. You should also present more information. You can check Canadian Disaster Database for other important information, but if the event is not listed, you will need to find the information on your own.
Describe the science behind each event. (5 pts)
Hint: You should describe the primary factors that lead to the landslide. Here is a reference for the Saint-Jude event (CGEN – Geoscape Ottawa.pdf). As above, other government websites, municipal/provincial/federal, might also have relevant information.
Describe mitigation strategies used against these landslides. (5pts)
Hint: Here is a reference for the North Vancouver event (Prepared BC). As above, other government websites, municipal/provincial/federal, might also have relevant information.
Landslide caused by an earthquake. (6pts)
– Find a landslide caused by an earthquake for discussion. You will need to describe the event, the science, and mitigation strategies. If you aren’t sure what information you need to present, use the hints given above.
– The event cannot be one that was presented in class.
– The event can be from Canada or around the world.
Other requirements
Maximum 2 pages. Formatting instructions are below and in the answer template.
In addition to the above, the overall quality of your assignment will be worth 4pts.
Regarding references, 4 references are provided to help you get started. You will need to find 3 more references. This means you will have a minimum of 7 references in your assignment. These references should be from credible sources such as government websites, government publications, and newspaper articles. Social media can be used but will not count towards your 5 references. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a reference.
You may use this Word document for your assignment. If you do not wish to use this document, your assignment must adhere to the following:
2 page maximum for the paper, references on a 3rd page.
1 inch margins on all sides
Font types: Cambria, Calibri or Arial
Font size: 12
Line spacing: 1.5 line
The assignment will be graded out of 40 pts and is worth 10% of your final grade.
The following penalties can be applied:
4 pts deducted for each page beyond the 2 page limit.
4 pts deducted for each day the assignment is late. The maximum deduction will be 12 pts.
Up to 4 pts removed if the formatting guidelines not followed.
2 pts removed for each missing reference.
Questions regarding the assignment should be posted on the Forum.
Additional Tips
Use all 2 pages.
References can be on a 3rd page which will not count towards the page total
Use the answer template.
(the TAs are marking 400 assignments, make it easy for them to give you marks!!)
Review the marking scheme.
Each section is weighed differently, so use your space wisely.
Write objectively
Be brief and straight to the point.
Use numbers when possible. Adjectives are subjective but can provide context.
References should use APA style or a style used in publications in your area of study. You will not be graded based on the referencing style you choose but can lose marks if you are not consistent.