Assignment #4: Tangibles – Product Packaging, Concept Video and Marketing Materials Instructions

Assignment #4: Tangibles – Product Packaging, Concept Video and Marketing Materials
Create a mock-up of the new product packaging.
Create a concept video that can be used to promote your proposed new product. Determine how the video can be used effectively. Begin by reflecting on your product story and incorporate your story with the client’s brand image and corporate values into the video. Incorporate the tag line that can be sewn into all aspects of your communication plan. Begin by creating a storyboard to ensure that all elements are present including the story. The video should include the product name, and the client’s brand clearly evidenced. Consider the connection between your client’s company, their image, and your target market as you design the video elements. The video should be a maximum of 60 seconds. You may create multiple short videos (useful for advertising on social media such as YouTube) or one 30 to 60 second video. Ensure it carries the brand values and is linked to all other communications.
You may consider incorporating elements from your video into the packaging, signage, social media campaign and so on to create IMC.
On your D2L site, under Student Resources, review Previous Concept Videos from previous semesters.
Create a poster that could be used in bars, clubs, retail outlets to draw attention to your client’s new product. The poster should include the product name, the tag line, the client’s name and brand. Further, it should include a variety of ways to connect with the client including their website, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
Create a sample of your digital media usage (website/facebook/twitter examples).
Photographs of the packaging as well as a digital image of the poster and the digital media usage example, can be uploaded on D2L under ‘Assessments’ and ‘Assignments’ (Assignment #4) or can be provided directly to your instructor (post-covid). The video will be uploaded on D2L in the same section.
Refer to the grading rubric on the following page.
Grading Rubric
Promotion – Physical Materials (Poster/Video/Packaging/Digital Media)
6-10 – Well-developed story telling. Good incorporation of client’s brand. Good integration of tag line with video and other marketing materials. Good explanation of how they will be used. Well developed video. Poster incorporated all relevant components. Packaging reflected client’s brand. Good sample of digital media usage.
1-5 – Adequate story telling. Some incorporation of client’s brand but might have been a closer connection. Not all marketing materials and video were integrated. Video needed some refinement. Some important elements missing from poster. Packaging did not fully embrace client’s brand. Digital media usage needed more development.