ASTRONOMY The LAM WK06- Sundial should be submitted via the Drop Box.

The LAM WK06- Sundial should be submitted via the Drop Box.
Task 1: Research sundials, their design, construction and operation. In addition you will research how time is measured. (9 points)
Task 2: Use permanent materials (wood, metal etc.) to build a working sundial of your own design. (11 points)
Task 1 Description (See grading scale below)
You will do independent research to learn about an ancient timepiece that is still used today, the sundial. Your research about sundials and the procedures for its operation will be presented in a double spaced typewritten paper of at least one page submit as a Microsoft Word document. (A)Your paper should address three specific reasons why time telling by a sundial does not agree with time told by a clock. Be sure to specifically identify the motion or motions of the Earth that is mainly responsible for this difference. (B)Include an appendix that has a glossary that defines the following terms: apparent solar time, equation of time, gnomon, mean solar time, and time zones. (C)The bibliography found in the appendix should have one Internet site source properly cited.
Task 2 Description (See grading scale below)
(D)Using low cost materials found around home, construct a sundial that can be used from our location on earth. This sundial must be homemade and not a kit. Also the dial should not a paper model type found on some web sites. The dial should be made of material that can endure the seasonal element of Minnesota’s weather and upon completion would look good in your mother’s garden! Do not disappoint mom!!! (E)The four cardinal compass directions should be labeled on the dial and easily visible. (F)Readings from the dial should have the precision of twenty-minute intervals. Your sundial will be tested for accuracy. (G) Two digital images on a white background (poster board/etc.) of your dial should be submitted with your report. A top-view and a side view image are required. These images should be close-ups that would allow me to evaluate the angle of your gnomon and the time intervals marked on your dial. If you are unable to submit digital images in JPEG form, please send your dial to me via the mail postmarked by the due date at: TBA. Place in the drop box a message regarding the date your project was mailed.
Please Note: The sundial will not be returned to you unless you include postage and self-addressed materials with your shipment. Make a copy for your records. All sundials sent to me should be packed to survive the rigors of the mail and should not require complicated or extensive assembling.
Helpful resources:
Angle calculator
Use the information shown in the table found in the Intermediate selection.
Good angle calculator for horizontal sundials
Good angle calculator for vertical sundials
How to make a cross between a normal sundial and an armillary sphere
Grading Scale:
(A) 3 points
(B) 5 points
(C) 1 point
(D) 2 points
(E) 1 point
(F) 3 points
(G) 5 points