At the top of your paper write the title of the podcast

At the top of your paper write the title of the podcast and episode you listened to, then write a one-paragraph summary of the content of the episode. Then answer some combination of the following questions in 2 or more pages (12 point font, 1.5 space):
What does this episode teach us about gender and society?
What information is presented?
How was the information gathered?
What is the perspective of the hosts or story-tellers?
In what ways is the episode a commentary on gender and society?
Does the narrative have some historical and/or cultural significance?
Your response papers should be as thorough and thoughtful as possible. Don’t just write something down to get the assignment done. You will be graded on the extent to which your papers demonstrate a focused engagement with the podcasts (this goes for all assignments, whether podcasts, readings, or films). And for the love of goodness, never plagiarize.
Many of these podcasts have transcripts available (but unfortunately not all of them) — this can be particularly helpful for students learning English.
Similarly, many of the films can be viewed in a different language or with subtitles.
Choose from the list in the syllabus.
Upload as Word document or PDF