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Aviation Management
Aircraft technician is one of the entry-level jobs in the aviation management profession. I got an opportunity to interview one of the aviation management individuals at Airbus. They provided comprehensive insights into aircraft technicians and their responsibilities and skills and qualifications required to work as one. An aircraft technician receives on-the-job training to familiarize with duties such as opening and closing aircraft and providing support in interior work encompassing removing seats or carpets. Some of the significant responsibilities comprise servicing, inspecting, troubleshooting, and repairing aircraft devices. The primary requirements for becoming an aircraft technician include a high school diploma or GED certificate, reading and writing technical language, and strong mechanical aptitude. One must also be skilled and detailed oriented with excellent communication skills. On a typical day, aircraft mechanics or technicians replace or repair defective, worn, and damaged components using gauges, hand tools, and testing devices. They also inspect airframes for wear and other errors. They maintain repair logs, invisible cracks in the fuselage, and distortion (ZipRecruiter Marketplace Research Team, 2021).
Obtaining the knowledge and skills to perform the duties and responsibilities evident in the job description will include earning a high school degree or GED, the essential requirement for becoming an aircraft technician. Taking elective classes associated with the aircraft mechanic field is also vital to increasing knowledge and comprehension of the occupation. The next step would be selecting a specialty by choosing the aircraft mechanic one wants to become. It can include powerplant or airframe mechanics, which will require getting certification in one or both areas. Finally, gaining experience in the selected specialty is vital, and attending a technical school with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. These steps will help me gain more skills, abilities, and knowledge to perform the duties evident in the job description (ZipRecruiter Marketplace Research Team, 2021).
The safety role the aircraft mechanic position holds for passengers, civilians, and coworkers is associated with the fact that the person is responsible for performing hourly, daily, or monthly inspections to check for oil leaks, cracks, burned areas, warping, distortions, missing segments and wear as well as foreign objects. This is a critical step, and undermining its importance may lead to catastrophic consequences for passengers, coworkers, and civilians, particularly when the errors lead to a crash or explosion (Mighy Recruiter, 2021).
I was privileged to interact with the manager regarding what position to advance to in aviation management. The position comprises the aviation manager who is in charge of supervising the activities of an aviation department comprising making sure the operations and devices adhere to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). An aviation manager is responsible for planning flight schedules, managing staff, and overseeing aircraft maintenance. Becoming an aviation manager requires completing a bachelor’s degree in airport management, aviation administration, or business administration. It also involves accreditation with Airport executives and four years of experience in the industry from lower-level job positions such as aircraft technicians. On a typical day, an aviation manager supervises numerous aircraft functions, including testing and maintenance, certification, maintaining records, writing reports, managing staff, and coordinating inspections (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021).
I would focus on gaining at least four years of experience in the field, getting certification from the Accredited Airport Executive or Certified member, and gaining knowledge in Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). Sharpening skills in communication, budgeting, supervisory, and experience with spreadsheet software and word processing would be vital to advancing to the position of an aviation manager. An aviation manager is responsible for the success or failure of an organization because effective and safe operations depend on such employees. The role, therefore, holds a safety position towards passengers, civilians, and coworkers because successful solving of mechanical issues and errors relies heavily on the skills and capability of the aviation manager to supervise, provide guidance, and support to the aircraft mechanics during the inspection, repair and maintenance (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021).
Safety plays a crucial role in the industry, and the current course has substantially prepared me for a career in aviation management. I have ascertained the critical role of both the aircraft mechanic and aviation manager and the requirements needed for the reasonable assumption of the position. With comprehensive insights provided regarding the parts, I am aware of the skills, experience, and accreditation I need to achieve a career in aviation management (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021).
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