Bargaining Power of Buyers & Suppliers Discussion

For this discussion, read the given articles:

Martin. (2014, August 24). CLEVERISM. Bargaining Power of Buyers | Porter’s Five Forces Model. Retrieved from
Paranikas, P., Whiteford, G. P., Tevelson, B., & Belz, D. (2015). How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers. Harvard Business Review, (July-August). Retrieved from

For your initial thread, respond to these questions (and enumerate your responses in your post) :

Consider your place of employment, a company that you used to work, or a company that you are interested in working for, and evaluate the bargaining power of the buyers and the suppliers.
Does your company’s industry struggle with powerful suppliers and/or powerful buyers? What are the implications? 
What are approaches for dealing with the challenges posed by powerful suppliers and/or buyers in your industry?