Blackshop RestaurantCase Study Analysis

Please make sure and answer all the questions assigned and follow the submission requirements in the syllabus for formatting.
I have included Exhibit 2 already in Excel to save you some time instead of re-inputting.  You must use this sheet as there are 2 errors in the case study that have been fixed in this file. Keep in mind this is data only and this sheet has not been formatted for printing. 
As a reminder, this case study must be submitted as an Excel file and must be submitted as 1 file. No other file types will be accepted (including Google Drive).  If you realize you uploaded the wrong file you can resubmit up until the due date with no penalty. Only your last file will be graded so do not reference other files as they will not be read. 
While Turnitin states, “the version of the file that can be viewed in the Document Viewer will look the same as it would if the Excel file had been saved as a PDF and submitted to Turnitin,” do not rely 100% on this as your print preview. The page must print professionally from Excel directly as that is where I and other managers would be reading it and printing it from.