bran stoker “Draculas guest”

) play a part in the story’s development. Be sure not to cover the same stories/techniques discussed for this story within your textbook; for instance, if the chapter on symbolism analyzes a particular story, you may not write about symbolism in that same story.  In addition, this must be a different story from the one you used in the Short Story Discussion Board.  Finally, this is not an opportunity for plot summary.  While you may provide a brief two- to three-sentence summary in the intro, the purpose of the body paragraphs is not to relate the plot to your readers; they are assumed to be familiar with the story. Observe the suggestions given in Principles of Essay Writing below.Be sure your essay includes an outline, introduction, separate body paragraphs with support from the text, and a Works Cited page, as quotations/paraphrases from the story itself must be used to support your points.The penalty for plagiarism is severe. DO NOT use any source material other than the story in the textbook itself; a Works Cited page will also be necessary to document use of your anthology’s story, but no outside research should be used to write the essay.  Within the essay, use parenthetical references to properly document cited material. The correct format for using a short story from your anthology can be found in Ch. 3 of your Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing.USE MLA FORMAT. The link at shows how to properly format the first page of your document, the outline. The link at reflects formatting for the remainder of the essay.  Note the difference in page numbering for text pages, placement of header, and placement of the four-line heading on this page. The second link also contains a Works Cited page, so be sure to scroll all of the way through the assignment.  In addition, note the use of parenthetical references within the essay.  Because you are required to cite information in support of your argument, you will need to use parenthetical references also. Your citation will follow MLA format for a selection from a collection or anthology.Write in third person (no I, we, us, our, my, your, or you) and to use present tense, as this is a literary essay. Complete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at Save your file as a Microsoft Word .docx file using this filename convention: YourlastnameENGL1302ShortStoryEssay.docx. Submit your assignment by selecting the title link above, browsing to, and attaching your saved file. Make sure to select SUBMIT. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).