Brand Management

1) In the first assessment you will be asked to choose an existing brand and critically review and evaluate its brand development strategy. You must attempt to explain and justify the brand development decisions using relevant brand management theories. Your evaluation must be supported by relevant evidence in form of secondary market research.

You will be asked to evaluate the brand marketing mix and link this to the overall brand strategy. We cannot evaluate brand strategy without examining the marketing mix.

Your approach must be critical and reflective. This means that you do not only evaluate what the company do but also why and how they implement the strategy.

We ask that you move away from the usual marketing and business theories such as PESTLE, SWOT or Porter’s Five Forces and focus on different brand management theories.

2) Here are the marking criteria of the assessment. The first criterion is introduction to the chosen brand: You will need to begin your report by introducing us to the brand that you choose.

In the report you must be able to recognise the functional and emotional values of the brand as well as its vision, mission and values. The second criterion is the ability to critically understand and apply theories, principles and concepts of brand management to analyse the brand development strategy. Application of brand management theories and concepts is very crucial in this assessment.


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