BUS21 FINAL PROJECT — Your Retail Pop-up Store Concept Pitch Proposal Outline-

BUS21 FINAL PROJECT — Your Retail Pop-up Store Concept Pitch Proposal Outline- with reminders!
YOUR POP-UP STORE NAME: (what would you like to name it?) ____________________
WHAT WOULD YOUR WEB ADDRESS BE? ______________________________
(check on-line for domain names to make sure no other business has it – visit http://www.register.com
Screen Shot of domain names must be shown as below: (I submitted FashionPetBoutique and it worked!)
Create a brief description/pitch of what your store concept would be/what merchandise would you carry?
(brief … meaning concise – but doesn’t mean too short! It must be interesting/convincing enough for “investor” to really consider this concept as viable!). Think “elevator pitch!”… a succinct and persuasive sales pitch)
What would YOUR Mission Statement be for this pop-up you are creating?
Here is where your past research on mission statements… plus reading through fellow classmates’ retail research will come in handy…. Take time to really think of Mission Statement!
In WHAT CITY would you like to plan your Pop-Up? ——–
Check CITY DATA of YOUR chosen CITY by visiting: City-Data.com:
Give general facts of your city: (latest data recorded by the website)
Gender Breakdown:Median Resident Age:
Zip Code:
Median Household Income:
Estimated Per Capita income:
Median House or Condo value:
Median gross rent:
Ethnicity/Race Breakdown:
Daytime population change due to commuting:
Workers who live and work in this city:
Average household size:
Then Search:TheStorefront.com https://www.thestorefront.com/
Select your desired city location and type of location in searching for your pop-up location:
Retail / Pop-up store Showroom Art Exhibit / Gallery Party / Celebration Corporate event Food / Restaurant / Beverage Product launch Sample sale
Photo shoot Music event
Select an actual location of your choosing & list the facts from the website:
Space Type:
Rental Capacity:
Minimum Rental:
Maximum Rental:
Ref Number:
Weekday Rate:
Weekend Daily Rate:
Screen shot of which location is closest to what you would like… screen shoot any additional info/photos they show of the property… and don’t forget to detail info on parking facilities, etc.
Then Search: Loopnet.com www.loopnet.com
If you like what you found on “The Storefront.com”… you don’t have to use Loopnet location search…
But if you didn’t find what you like on TheStoreFront.com… use LoopNet!
Select your desired type of space and city location
1-LIST 1 PRODUCT FIELD COMPETITION STORE (Brick-n-Mortar or Pop-up) (list location + its website) similar to your Pop-Up-Concept. Remember… what field competition is similar to YOUR pop-up in inventory or service …near your chosen location? (think primary/secondary trading area)…
2- LIST 1 PRODUCT SUBFIELD COMPETITION STORE (Brick-n-Mortar or Pop-up) lacking aspects of your Pop-Up. Remember… what subfield competition that may not be as comprehensive or cool as YOUR pop-up in inventory or service …near your chosen location? (think primary/secondary trading area)…
3- LIST 1 BEYOND PRODUCT FIELD COMPETITION STORE (Brick-n-Mortar or Pop-up) larger in scope than your Pop-Up.
Remember… what beyond field competition that is “more”… more well-known, broader inventory range …beyond YOUR pop-up in inventory or service …near your chosen location? (think primary/secondary trading area)…
Hours of operation? (any different from surrounding retail?)
Don’t forget to mention what the general opening/closing times are in/near your chosen location… just search a few stores on the same street/block of your chosen location – google maps have other retailers pop up… just check to see their general operating times)… or if near a mall… when do they open/close?
Types of employees – (specific skills?)
Do you wish to have employees (those hired to “man the pop-up” with you) have certain retail experience? Or specific background knowledge in any aspect of selling what you plan to merchandise? You can mention specific “attitude” – “communication skills” – “people skills” important to you!
What would be unique about your store? Any concepts “done differently” than existing retailers?
? Uniqueness of inventory – other than the competition ?
Are you carrying anything rare? One-of-a-kind? Interesting location of where created? Special sizing? Unique colors? ……..
? What type of service offered? Think self service or self-selection or full service … Any customizations offered?
? General conveniences/services – not usually offered?
? Location – is it super convenient? Or at a destination location near other interesting community hotspots?
Be thinking of current times… just this past week…omicron… news changes daily!
? What would YOUR SWOT Analysis be? CREATE ONE! (Have one item already – Threat: Covid Re-occurring)