Business Ethics

Assignment 1 60 % – To be submitted by the 16th of November 2018 (11.59pm) Focus on a contemporary issue/ topic in Business Ethics. There is a list available from the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) ( on ethical issues and challenges faced by companies and organizations. Whilst the list will give you an idea of the topics, but you dont need to restrict yourself to the list. Prepare and submit an essay of 1800 words on the ethical issue/topic that you want to explore and present your point of view. Remember an essay is a piece of writing where you present a point of view that is valid (based on evidence) and is persuasive to the reader. Learning Outcomes 1. Understand and critically evaluate the concepts of business/organizational ethics, corporate responsibility/corporate citizenship and sustainability. 2. Understand and critically evaluate some of the main ethical dilemmas facing HR professionals. 3. Identify and evaluate the ethical dimensions of workplace situations. 4. Explain and critically evaluate the role of HRM from an ethical perspective, and the contribution HR professionals can make to the ethical culture of organizations. 5. 6. Appraise workplace ethical dilemmas and develop appropriate strategies for dealing with these. 7. Analyse situations at work and elsewhere and evaluate alternative courses of action from an ethical perspective. A SUGGESTED STRUCTURE FOR YOUR ASSESSMENTS: Introduction: This should: 10% Brief Introduction to the topic and its relevance. Explain the purpose and your aims and objectives. Outline the structure or signpost what is to follow. Main Body: Have Headings that are informative, and remember that main body is not a heading! 70% Conclusion and recommendations: 20% This should: 1. Summarise key points 2. Provide recommendations as to the best way forward 3. Check if these recommendations SMART Your work should be written in an academic style and referenced in accordance with Cite them Right. Provide your word count at the end of the essay and number of slides at the end of the presentation and record participation of individual group members. Marking Criteria The understanding of theory, associated concepts and tools used in the analysis – 25% The application of theories to your discussion 35% Justification for your point of views 25% Presentation including structure and language and referencing 15% The rubric overleaf will be used.

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