Case studie 3

See the case studie . Provide your responses to the three (3) questions about Ligua below (100 words per question for a total of 300 words.Case Study

Michael identifies himself as African American. He is a college graduate and the divorcedfather of a teenage son, Aaron, who attends a private school in the well-to-do suburbwhere they live. Dennis, a new employee who reports to Michael at work, is a native ofBrazil. Dennis asked Michael to approve his request for personal leave. Dennis wants totake paid leave to attend the funeral of his compadrea close personal friend. Company policy grants five days of paid, excused absence from work for Deathin the Family. Because his friends funeral is in Brazil, he needs to take a full weekoff. Nothing in the companys leave policy covers this situation. Dennis feels a deepcommitment to the family of his compadre. According to Dennis, a compadre is farmore than a friend; a compadre is like family. In his request, he points out that thereis no direct English translation for the word compadre . Michael is not sure how hefeels about this. Although he sympathizes with his friend, he thinks that agreeing toDenniss request establishes a bad precedent. 
 1. Do you think Michael  should approve Denniss request? Can this request be justified given company policy? (100 words)
 2. If Dennis is allowed to do this, should the company treat all other employees whohave a very close friend the same?  (100words)
3. Dealing with Denniss request will require Michael to use a number of diversityskills. In this situation, which of Michaels diversity skills do you think will be themost critical? Why?  (100words)