Case Study

Case Study Female Reproductive System Adapted from Thibodeau’s Anatomy and Physiology In responding to the questions following the case presentation, make sure you cite all your sources, including your notes, me, and textbook. Mrs. Beth Calloway, 47 years old, discovered a lump in her right breast. Mrs. Calloway is in good health with no previous hospitalizations or surgeries. She does not smoke or drink, watches the cancer; her mother and maternal grandmother were diagnosed with this disease before 55 years of age. Mrs. Calloway discovered her breast lump while performing her monthly breast self- examination. She immediately brought it to the ottention of her nurse practitioner who, on examination, located a 2-3 cm mass in the 3 o’clock position of the right breast. This mass felt firm, was well fixed to the chest wall, and was tender to the touch. No skin discolorations, nipple retraction or drainage was identified. A pea-sized lymph node was located in the right axilla. After examination, the nurse practitioner ordered a mammogram and ultrasound of the breast. Result confirmed a solid mass, 3 cm large, locoted in the right breast plus a 2cm lymph node in the right axilla. Mrs. Calloway was immediately referred to a surgeon who ordered a biopsy 1. Mrs. Calloway is considered to be at high risk for developing breast cancer. What are the risk factors that she possesses? 2. What factors in general are considered to increase the risk of breast cancer? 3. Why the concern about lymph nodes? Discuss the lymphatic drainage of the breast in your answer 4. Identify the most prevalent types of breast cancer and discuss the normal breast cells in your discussion. The diagnosls is breast cancer and Mrs. Calloway undergoes a modified radical mastectomy and on the third postoperative day, her right arm becomes increasingly swollen and painful. 5. What is the most probable cause of the edema? 6. Is Mrs. Calloway at a greater risk for a second breast cancer or uterine cancer? Justify your answer


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