case study

For your initial post, choose one of the cases below and address the following in relation to that case:
Identify the challenges that the student, family, or individual client may be experiencing, based on your specialization.
Identify any psychosocial conflicts that may be present, and the transitions related to early school age or middle childhood that may be considered.
Choose one theory of personality development and explain how that theory helps you understand this student’s behavior.
Describe specific ways of helping the student, family, or individual client from your professional perspective.
Tracy, 6-Year-Old Student
Tracy is a 6-year-old student who is heavily influenced by the use of technology. It is known that the family experienced some major stressors last year that resulted in Tracy’s parents contemplating divorce. The pressure that he is receiving at home has caused him to withdraw from all activities at school, including recess and friends. He has disengaged from regular activities and sits alone when he is not required to participate in group activities. Since his parents are working long hours, he is under the care of his elderly grandmother who also works part-time. When she is not available, he is with teenage cousins. At home, he is engaged nonstop in video games to fill his idle time. He focuses on these games at dinnertime and rarely goes outside to play independently or with friends.
Sonia, 9-Year-Old Student
Sonia is 9 years old, and she reports feeling lonely all the time. She seems to be isolated from her peers and reports feeling different from everyone around her. She says that she does not like the feeling of being vulnerable and has a hard time opening up to others. She reports hating school and only wants to stay at home with her mother. She cries every morning when her mother gets her ready for school. She will also cry each time the teacher indicates that the next upcoming subject is math. Sonia’s parents are concerned for their daughter and are unable to ask for assistance because of a language barrier.