Channels This week we tested several hypotheses regarding students’ opinions on customer

This week we tested several hypotheses regarding students’ opinions on customer service, price and quality of food, location and ambience, and convenience. We learned valuable information that will help our BMC.
Our first hypothesis was directed at finding out how important customer service is to the customer for them to want to return to our business. Almost 90% of the people we interviewed valued customer service and said that customer service was bad, they were unlikely to return. Some believed that if the food was good and they were hungry enough, a restaurant could get away with average customer service. One person even said they would rather eat somewhere that had good food with rude employees, then a place with nice employees and bad food.
Our second hypothesis was, how important does the customer place the quality of food when choosing where they eat. 100% of the test subjects agreed that the quality of the food was a major factor in deciding which restaurant they would eat at. No one likes the idea of spending money for bad food. When it comes to price points, we saw varied opinions. Some are on a tighter budget and do not spend a lot of money purchasing food on campus, while others are willing to spend more money for quality food. Everyone enjoys the idea of having a quality food choice that is priced fairly.
Our third hypothesis was to figure out how important the location and ambience of the taco truck was to the potential customer. Most thought that the location would play a role in them deciding to eat there. Some were not concerned with the location and were willing to walk out of their way to purchase food from our truck if the food was good enough. A lot of the people we interviewed liked the idea of having the taco in an area where the majority of their classes will be. Finding a high traffic area will be helpful for our truck to attract customers.
Lastly, we were interested in figuring out how important convenience was for the potential customer. About 60% did not like waiting in long lines but some would if they enjoyed the food enough. A lot of students we asked had multiple classes and were fond of the idea of being able to grab a quick bite in between periods. A problem we identified was some of the food halls being overcrowded during busy times such as lunch hours. We think we will be able to draw some students away from the cafeterias and provide a convenient alternative that is affordable.
As a group, we believe the taco truck will be a major hit with the students and faculty on campus due to the success of our hypotheses. We are able to address most of the customer gains with our food truck listed from our interviews with students on campus and believe that our business can take advantage of these pains. A place where we might have to pivot our idea is the location of our truck. We will need to figure out what sort of permits we need and where the university would allow us to set up our food truck. We are going to proceed with our original plan and continue to find out how we can bring an affordable, quality food choice that is convenient for the students and faculty on campus.