Chapter 11: One Stop /Internet / Crit Thk,

For each of the following topics, research and summarize what they are, why they’re important to you as a business owner. 1. Submit the associated blank forms or the link to the required forms. These will also be require in your Business Plan appendix. Employer Identification Number – submit required forms. Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidentiality Agreement)- submit a sample Non- Compete Agreement- submit a sample. Worker’s Compensation- no forms, but who is required to have it, why and what is it? Submit your article/link. 2. Using this 1st Stop Business Connection, link to the Small Business Administration website, go to “CHECKLIST”, select the business most similar to your business type. This checklist will determine what licenses, permits zoning and certificate regulations are required for your specific business. Download the files and/or the listing of license, permit and certificate required for your business. At minimum, submit the listing of your requirements for this assignment, but you will need to include your forms in the Appendix of your business plan also.