Chemical Dependency Elective

Type:   Individual Project
Unit:   Professional Development
Due Date:   Wed,9/8/21
Grading Type:   Numeric
Points Possible:    125
Deliverable Length:   4-6 pages
You have learned many of the basic elements of a chemical dependency center in todays world. It is now time to write training recommendations that will be used to prepare staff to work in a new treatment center. Consider what you have already learned, and continue your research about addiction and recovery theories, services, and continuum of care to design the most effective treatment center possible. Based on the current issues that you have learned, consider the type of training that you believe can be used to improve a chemical dependency centers operation and prepare new facility staff.
Answer the following questions while writing your training plan for your facility staff in your 4-6 page paper. Be sure to address the following:

What do you think future best practices might look like? 
How might you care for professionals in the field while they are caring for their clients? 
What kind of professional development will the staff need to make this center a success? How might this improve services to those in need? 
What recommendation would allow facilities to remain sustainable and protect staff from burnout?