Chicano Studies Critical Response 3

Read the attached article and follow the prompt below:
Write your response in a Word document. Not a Google doc or any other type of document. 
Write a 400-500 word response. Use Word to complete your paper. 
You can also go over the 500-word limit if necessary. NO DIRECT QUOTING FROM ANY SOURCES (either from the article or any other material).

Due date: Monday, Sept 13th before midnight. 

Question. Beginning at the INTRODUCTION of the article and extending into the next section, PRELUDE: THE 1920s, the authors suggest that conditions in the US lead to the increased populations of Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans. Explain, the years before the actual deportation (the 1930s) of Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans in the US, and why it was seen as an external reason for the migration north to the United States?