CJ 335 OL Week 4 Assignment Imagine that you are a patrol

CJ 335 OL
Week 4 Assignment
Imagine that you are a patrol officer assigned to a neighborhood that is starting to see more crime and disorder during the daytime hours. The residents that live in the area are becoming frustrated with the open-air drug dealing, prostitution, graffiti, litter, loud/obnoxious noise, drag racing, and high rates of truancy from the local high school. Identify one or more of the policing strategies that are discussed in chapters 7-8 of your textbook (hot spots policing, broken windows policing, community policing, etc.) that you think will work toward solving this problem. Develop a plan to address the above issues utilizing this strategy. Write a 1-2 pg. essay and explain how your plan will work and why you think it will be successful. Be sure to think about what might be causing/contributing to the problems and what tactics might work best. You might also look up news articles about police departments that have successfully dealt with these issues. Remember to cite/reference any sources of information that you use.