Class, Raqiyyah Eaves Hamad Sarraf is a social worker who works for

 Raqiyyah Eaves
Hamad Sarraf is a social worker who works for a program called head start. The program is designed to build and encourage at risk youth and their families. The program provides preschool education, parent training and case management(Langer & Lietz, 2014). During Sarraf’s first parent meeting he came across a concerned parent named Brenda who had previous negative experience with young social workers. 
I believe one of the CBT strategies that could be used in Sarraf’s case would be assessment along with other strategies that helped him better understand Brenda’s perspective. Assessment is a strategy that involves collecting information through observation and through an interviewing process. This method allows the social worker to grasp a better understanding of a client situation (Langer & Lietz, 2014). In the text he also used modeling, shaping and open communication. When she asked him a personal question to better understand who he was he responded in a way that allowed her to explain her reasoning behind the question. By doing this it opened up a healthy line of communication between himself and her along with the group. With modeling he restructured her thought process about the relationship. The concept of shaping was to create open dialogues by using interview skills. The CSWE competencies/behaviors that are critical for sarraf as he lead the group would be demonstrating ethical and professional behavior along with engaging diversity and difference in practice. As a social worker we should always maintain a healthy and professional relationship with clients. In the group Brenda expressed some culture differences from a previous situation so by sarraf using this she will feel more comfortable. 
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