Comparative Analysis

1. SELECT. Select two photographs appearing in the lectures listed below. Do not choose photographs from the same lecture. I recommend that you select photographs that share something in common but differ dramatically in other ways. For example, you might select two landscape photographs, but one is a fantasy and the other is a war scene. Attach images of the photographs you selected to your paper.
2. READ. Look up the photographs/ photographers in the readings for these topics posted on the syllabus. (it attaches to the additional materials including the PPT)
3. IDENTIFY. Identify the two photographs you select by photographer, title, date, and photographic or printing technique.
4. WRITE. Write a comparative analysis of the two photographs you have selected. Describe their styles. Characterize their positions in history. How might life in Japan have changed between the earlier photograph and the one that was taken later in time? What political points of view are expressed in these photographs?
5. QUOTE. Include at least three brief quotations from different syllabus readings in your essay. Follow up the quotation with your own words describing its relevance or significance. Indicate the name of the author and page number for each quotation in parentheses as shown in the following example.