comparing and contrasting

For this assignment, you will write a 2 page (double spaced) paper comparing and contrasting the sources assigned to you for a specific topic (see below). Given that you only have 2 pages to write this assignment, please do not use a significant amount of space writing introductions/conclusions, but instead use the space to make your points clearly and concisely. To help you write this paper, please reference the rubric below.

At least 3 comparisons demonstrating how the sources present information similarly 
At least 3 contrasts demonstrating how the sources present information differently
What are the benefits of each type of source? Are there any downsides to each type?
Do any of the sources have biases? Explain.
Summarize your reaction to the different sources. Did you like one more than the other(s)? Why?

Source 1: h

Source 2: