Consider our lectures on Health Behaviors (Module 2), Stress (Module 3), and

Consider our lectures on Health Behaviors (Module 2), Stress (Module 3), and Coping (Module 4). Select one chronic illness and discuss how you think adjustment to that illness may be helped or harmed by specific behaviors, stress, and coping strategies.
*You should make specific, thoughtful references to course materials and cite those materials in APA style (see note below).
Note for ALL Discussion Posts: Please make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, and to use full sentences in all of your discussion posts. If you are stating any ideas that are not your own or any information that you obtained from another source, please make sure to always clearly state where the information is from (e.g., your textbook) and/or to explicitly cite the information using APA-style in-text parenthetical citations. 
Below is an example of how you might cite using APA style if you needed to cite a point in your discussion post and how you would include that reference in a References section below your post:
A serious problem related to increasing physical activity is that motivating people to engage in healthy behaviors is notoriously difficult (Marteau, Hollands, & Fletcher, 2012), even in the face of clear evidence that unhealthy behaviors are associated with increased risk for chronic disease (Araiza, 2021).
Araiza, A. M. (2021). Health behaviors [PowerPoint slides]. Blackboard.
Marteau, T. M., Hollands, G. J., & Fletcher, P. C. (2012). Changing human behavior to prevent disease: The importance of targeting automatic processes. Science, 337(6101), 1492-1495.