Contemporary issues in business management

Before our dissertation we are required to write up a proposal which is 1000 words and in the document I have provided it gives the structure which it has to be in can you please put heading under each section so I can understand what Is the literature review and the rest , the theme I have chosen for the dissertation is business ethics and this is my question which I chose for my dissertation ;  
How can Microsoft Corporation incorporate business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for mutual benefits and sustainable business strategies?
And these are the objectives you can write these in the last section where it explains in the structure ,
To boost implementation of Corporate social responsibility for Microsoft Corporation.
To provide a framework for sustainable ethical and CSR practices for the organization hence increase profitability and limit ineffective practices that may lead to loses.
To enhance the corporate image (PR) for Microsoft Organization through ethical and effective CSR practices.
 In the structure given it shows how many words each Collum should be can you please write the words according to the structure on each collum thankyou , we need atleast 3 journal articles in the literature review