Coursework Brief and Requirements For the individual assessment you are required to

Coursework Brief and Requirements
For the individual assessment you are required to prepare a 2000-word paper based on themes and topics covered in our lectures. The report should draw on the lectures and set readings as well as on additional materials you find yourself.
Your report should answer the following question:
Consider some of the most important changes companies should make to improve the effectiveness of their marketing in their effort to reach the customer of tomorrow. Research the landscape and make two recommendations for a business of your choice. Use evidence and examples from throughout the course to support your arguments.
In your report, you should:
Demonstrate you have undertaken academic research to gather knowledge and insight in relation to the areas covered in your report. This means using reliable and relevant in- text references to support your arguments and claims and referencing accordingly.
Critically assess and evaluate relevant issues that warrant changes for the customer. The report should not be purely a descriptive presentation of facts and information, but an analysis of the elements that influence the marketing environment and impact the customer for the chosen industry and the factors that led to your recommendations.
Use relevant business, industry examples to demonstrate how the recommendations will impact consumers, business or other relevant stakeholders.
Further advice:
It is essential you provide multiple perspectives and research extensively into the two chosen areas of focus.
You are also required to provide suitable and relevant practical (e.g. business and industry) examples.
You will need to engage with relevant academic literature, key concepts and specific secondary data to help you develop a critical discussion underpinned by academic rigour.
You may structure your report in any way that is logical and ensures you connect the
different areas you write about succinctly.
You are recommended to use clear sub-headings to help structure your report.
You may use supporting visuals in your paper.
Your report must include a cover page an Introduction and a Conclusion section.
Your report must include a bibliography with references.